Important Dates to Remember when Buying a Home

In the real estate world, there are a lot of important dates. You may be familiar with possession day, this is the day you get the keys to your new home.  Another very important day is the removal of conditions, this is where you sign off stating a firm sale!  By this date, you must be okay with all the conditions you set in your offer which may have included a home and furnace inspection and others and another very important part  FINANCING!

Your broker sends a letter to your realtor advising them your financing is arranged and ready to go.  This happens generally inside of a week of placing an offer (talk about an emotional roller-coaster) for a new buyer spending a LOT of money on a home.  Today is the removal of conditions for a couple of first time home buyers of mine.  Congratulations on this big step.  I often joke and say, the house is now your’s whether you want it or not! They laugh but I’m not sure they see the humor in it! Of course, they want it! They’ve been waiting for this day! Yahoo, yippee, time to celebrate!