Saskatchewan Graduate Retention Program

Here is some information  regarding the Saskatchewan Graduate Retention Program.The program has changed and we are in the process of bringing on more banks accepting this grant.  I am currently working with several graduates who are now taking possession of their first home because of this help.


Each Applicant requires an Eligibility Certificate in order to apply.  The Eligibility Certificate is provided by the Ministry of Advanced Education, most educational GRP-First-Home-application institutions apply for the program on behalf of the student and the student would receive it.  In some cases, the student has to apply for the certificate and they can do so by contacting the Ministry of Advanced Education. 


Below is the link to the GRP information,  if you  require an Eligibility Certificate:


The program information and application is located on-line at:

 GRP-First-Home-Plan-QA-applicants-May 25 2016 GRP-First-Home-application–first-home-plan

I look forward to helping you with home ownership. Please contact me with further questions.