It never ceases to amaze me….

I receive tons of calls on mortgages, day in and day out, year after year.  I love speaking to my clients and saving them fat stacks of cash on their mortgage.  Whether a refinance, renewal or a brand new home, I have access to wholesale rates and pass these to my clients, without any fees.

I’m still amazed that folks are shopping for the lowest rate but have no idea of what the rate is they are paying on their mortgage!  If they only knew the thousands of dollars of their own money they continue to leave on the banker’s desk it would make their hair blow back! Seriously!

Let me share with you a tip, shop early (four months in advance), let me do the one-stop shopping, saving you the time and headache of negotiating.

Spread the word, a Carrie Cardinal Mortgage is the only guarantee you’ve received the lowest mortgage rate.  Give me a call, email or text me to save yourself a fat stack of cash!