What your banker may not tell you saved my client $2266

Today I wrote a new mortgage for a client who purchased a home with 5% down payment around 5 years ago.  He has now sold this home and has made an offer on a new place with a considerably higher mortgage.

He’s a fan of The Mortgage Show and we’ve been talking over the past couple of months about this upcoming sale and purchase.  He had never dealt with a mortgage broker before and wanted to see what all the hype is about! (I don’t blame him!)

Not only did we secure a 5 year rate with one of the big banks today at 2.74% for 5 years, we went the extra mile to contact CMHC to see how much of his previous CMHC premiums he could port.  This saved him $2266…not too bad for one days work with a broker, hey?

I know your thinking, why doesn’t your banker tell you this stuff?  I can’t really answer that but, I love going the extra mile and spending or saving your money like it is my own!

On your next mortgage, whether a renewal or a refinance or if your cubicle buddy at work is buying a home, try me out, you’ll be glad you did!