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During this trying time of COVID-19, I am here to help you with your mortgage and real estate needs. Whether you are needing to purchase a new home, refinance, or renew your mortgage, I bring years of experience and look forward to working with you! See my blog below for the latest updates in the mortgage world.
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Carrie Cardinal – Mortgage Broker & REALTOR® in Regina and area in Saskatchewan

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Emergency Funds for COVID-19

Emergency Funds for COVID-19: 1. GST credit - $400 single adults - $600 for couples 2. Child Tax benefit Top up - $300 per child added on top of what you receive already. 3. Student loan payments deferred -6 month timeframe -no payments -no interest accrual 4....

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Mortgages and Real Estate in your golden years

Over the years, I have worked with many clients in their golden years.  I have come to love and appreciate their wisdom, humour and the stories of their lives.  Mortgages and Real Estate aren't just for the young crowd, they are for everyone!   Oftentimes I hear, I am...

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